Justin Bull

Justin Bull

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First Name * Justin
Last Name * Bull
Username * Forgott3n
Country * Canada
City Vancouver
Nationality Canadian
Languages English


Current Position Modeller
Areas of Expertise Graphic Design
Preferred Tools MAYAMental RayPhotoshop


Availability: student
Website www.c3studios.ca


I am currently learning as much about 3d design and development while in school. I am freelancing on web design and coding while still in high school.

My future plans are to go to a college that will teach me the fundamentals of working in the industry and what to expect. At this point I have begun to work on my portfolio, featuring my best works of animation, stills, and modelling.

I hope to learn as much as I can from CGSociety and become absorbed within the community. Always willing to learn from anyone who is willing to teach.